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The Altaraza Town Center itself, which is where Amaia Steps Altaraza is situated in, will feature facilities that can offer health and government services as well as malls, retails and even job opportunities. It will feature:

A community center that will offer government services along with dining and shopping options. No need to go outside the Town Center to eat out, shop and even perform government-related transactions. BPO, direct selling and network marketing and medical offices which can provide employment opportunities. If you get in, you will save a lot from transportation costs and will allow you to allocate more of your time for yourself or your family or friends.
There will also be a healthcare facility with a 100-bed hospital setting which will be housed in an 8,700 sqm property. This will offer clinical services as well as a surgical center – professionals of medical background can seek to apply here.

Aside from that, the Amaia Steps Altaraza will have the facilities and amenities that will allow you, your family and children live a better and more enjoyable life. The following amenities are available:

Multi-purpose hall – conduct everything from meetings to parties

Swimming pool – have swimming lessons, cool off during hot summer days or stay fit while having fun

Kiddie pool – don’t let the kids just gaze at you while you swim, let them have their way at the kiddie pool

Children’s play area – letting your kid go in the play area will let your kids have fun while making friends and hopefully, learning how to socialize with others

Retail area – get your quick needs in the retail area

  • Play Area
  • Pool Area
  • Retail Area
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